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Friday, August 31, 2012

So Sad - Instrumental Beat

A tune to drift away to - HERE -     Nice !

Countryman - Pass it On

A clip from my favourite reggae film ever - HERE -     Nice !

10 Of the Greatest Guitarists Ever?

Check out the video @YouTube - HERE -     Cool !


Funny Pictures Collection

Click on images to view full size.

Sorry for no links or pic sources. All images found on my old

laptop hard drive. Just thought I'd share.

Cool Pictures Collection

Click on each image to view full size.

Just some pics I found when I was going through my old laptop.

It's a Trap!

Click on image to view full size.


'Kill Bill' - Behind the Scenes Photos

Full article and pics - HERE -     Wow !

The Slow Mo Guys Epic Compilation

Excellent entertainment for the eyeballs - HERE -    Cool !

Could the Internet Ever Be Destroyed?

Full article and links - HERE -     Interesting !

Add It Up: Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off the Deficit

A very interesting article - HERE -

Whispers on Wall Street: Major Financial House Is Going to Implode… Could It Be Morgan Stanley?

Wouldn't it be nice if - THIS - story turned out to be true!


The Keys to Your Digital Kingdom Are Under Assault

Full article and links - HERE -     Interesting !

Music For the Blue Moon

Links to loads of 'moon' songs - HERE -    Nice !


If You Missed the Surreal Clint Eastwood RNC Speech, Here it is (VIDEO)

American politics goes from strength to strength - HERE -

Photoshopped Photos From Before the Days of Photoshop

Full article, pics and links - HERE -    Cool !

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sports Trainers !


In 1998 Sony Accidentally Sold 700,000 Camcorders That Could See Through People's Clothes

Full article - HERE -    True story !

More on see through tech' - HERE -


A Glass of Water

Click on image to view full size.

12 Extremely Long Tattoos

Full article and pics - HERE -

This is Ibiza

A beautiful timelapse video - HERE -     Cool !

World's Biggest Spider - Video

Meet the Goliath bird eating spider - HERE -     Wow !

Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low - Extreme Weather to Come?

Full article and links - HERE -      Interesting !

Circle of Sparks - Wallpaper

Full article and link to 1600x1200 version - HERE -

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

I just couldn't resist.

Wiki-Bruce - HERE -

The full fight scene @YouTube - HERE -

Some Bruce Lee quotes - HERE -      Cool !

The Drug Against Wars

Click on image to view full size.

Pedro Mercado & Karada - Behind The Sun

A nice and light feel-good tune - HERE -

Totally Amazing Pic-Dump

205 Images for your entertainment - HERE -   Mind blown !

Cannabis - A Statement

Well said that human !

All Going Well


Elizabeth Marxs Wallpaper

Choose your background resolution - HERE -

Nerdy Math Jokes (19 Pics)

Check out all the pics - HERE -     Cool !

Clouded Leopard

Full article and pics - HERE -    Beautiful !

Joseph, You Are NOT the Father

Short, sweet and it made me laugh - HERE -

The Pot at the End of the Rainbow

Thanks Kate x

Thought For the Day

Be Water My Friend! Bruce Lee Remix

An incredible mash up video - HERE -    Brilliant !

World's Greatest Drag Race 2!

Find out who wins the race - HERE -

Wheel Clamp Man

He's real, he's Australian and he's - HERE -     Sweet !

Google Street View Now Available For Mexico Archaeological Sites

Full article and map links - HERE -     Wow !