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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toots and the Maytals - Bam Bam

Great tune from one of the best reggae films ever -
Bam Bam at YouTube - HERE -

More about 'Countryman' - HERE -

Google Loses Domain Name Dispute

Google vs Groovle dispute - HERE -

Found at the Telegraph


I found - THIS- game while I was at Miniclip.
Get the silver sphere to the blue vortex before
the time runs out.

New Year Fireworks

- HERE'S - an easy little game. Click on the fireworks
to set them off. Don't miss !

2009's Best Unheard Music

Some missed tunes - HERE -


Castrol FIFA World Cup Predictor

Check out your teams chances for the 2010 World-
Cup in South Africa - HERE -


Bad Parents Photos

- HERE - are 44 examples of how not to treat your

via  NSFW

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Panic

Click on image to see full size.

These guys do some good work. I give them a mention as my
sister mans the phone for the French 'No Panic' calls.
Visit the website - HERE -

Pierre Beteille - Photographie

Click on image for full size.

Site in/en English et Français. Some amazing photos
and mash ups - HERE -

Found - HERE -

Happy New Year in Different Languages

Impress your friends around the world by sending them
a Happy New Year message in their own language.
- HERE -

Blue Moon on New Years Eve

The moon won't turn blue, but this will be the first for
almost 20 years.
Read the full article - HERE -
Explaination en Français - ICI -

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Click on image to see full size.

When I'm bored I visit Omegle. 99% strange - 1% stranger.

Pizza Fail

Click on image for full size.


The iSlate

- HERE'S - a look at what might be coming along
with the new Apple iSlate.

The Universal Record Database

URDB is an open platform for world records. You
can discuss, beat or set new records - HERE -


Fêtes du Jour - Saints Day

Today is St David, here in France. To find out what
is your Saints day, click - HERE -   
L'encyclopédie des prénoms - ICI -

Wallpaper of the Week

Click on image for 1280 x 909 wallpaper.

Found - HERE -


Click on image for full size.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Êwige Gerburt

"Die Liebe ist stark wie der Tod, hart wie die Hölle."
Der Tod scheidet die Seele vom Liebe,
die Liebe aber scheidet alle Dinge von der Seele...

10 Greatest Open Source Software of 2009

Click - HERE - for some great apps. I had three of
these already.


Who is the Cutest ?

Click - HERE - to find out.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Mills Brothers

You always hurt the one you love - HERE -


Click on image to see full size.


Click on image to see full size.


Shit Bricks

Click on image for full size.


A Stoned Koala Joke

- THIS - is soooooo funny.

Found - HERE -

Life's Little Lessons

Click on image for full size.

Found at Bacon Babble

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Up and Coming in 2010

Below are a few assorted links looking forward to 2010.

Horoscopes for 2010 - HERE -

Technology predictions for 2010 - HERE -

Predictions for the economy in 2010 - HERE -

Comet impact in 2010 ? - HERE - & - HERE -

Movies coming in 2010 - HERE -

My prediction for 2010 -

It will be better than 2009 !

2010 Wallpaper

Click on image for 1920 x 1200 wallpaper.

Your Carpet

Click on image for full size.

Found - HERE -

Redneck Waterskiing

Click on image for full size.

- HERE'S - a video. Rather them than me !


Cockney Rhyming Slang ATM

Click on image for full size.
I found this whilst browsing the 'Telegraphs' pictures
of the year for 2009.
You can check out the rest - HERE -

Christmas Stacker

- THIS - is a fun game. Based on the 'Super Stacker'
game but with a Christmas twist. Level 10 is a bit of a
tricky one.

Friday, December 25, 2009

I Believe in Father Christmas

This is one of my all time favorite Xmas choonz.
Greg Lake at YouTube - HERE -
'At Christmas we get what we deserve.'


Merry Christmas one and all.

Joyeux Noël à tous le monde.

Have a good one, or two !

All the best,

Smiler x

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bart's Blackboard

Click on image for full size.

9 Seasons worth of Bart's Blackboard - HERE -


The Glass of Silent Time

- THIS - is a video about fractal Skrying.
It chilled me out for a while !

Old Robots

Lots of old robots - HERE -


Little Drummer Boy - The Ultimate Version

I didn't realise how many different cover versions of
this song were out there. Anyway, forget Bowie and
Bing and all the others for a moment. I found - THIS -
version on YouTube. I shall be spending the rest of
the holidays trying to track down the full 42 minute
cover by Hans-Peter Lindstrom.
You can read more - HERE - from the Telegraph.
For even more info' - -

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blue Christmas Wallpaper

Click on image for 1920 x 1200 wallpaper.
Found - HERE -

Then and Now ! And Later ?

I happened to be at my parents house last night and
they were watching 'The Weakest Link.' I couldn't
help but notice that Gazza is looking good, and that
he reached the final ! (I'm glad)

I'm sorry to say that, there are two sides to every coin.
Alex Higgins was on the same show and he didn't look
very healthy. (I'm sad)

I have just promised to myself, and to anyone who
happens to read this article. That I am off the booze
until the 24/12/12.

Merry Christmas one and all. 


Pooh Sticks

Click on image for full size.            



- THIS - is a tricky little game.



- THIS - is such a cool idea. Putting it in to practice
might be a challenge though.


Christmas Tree Illusion

Click on image for full size.
I think - THIS - story is great. What memories for
his kids and family.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Painted Alive

Click on image to see full size.

For the full story about Craig Tracy and lots
more amazing pictures, click - HERE -
If you liked that, you can visit Craig Tracy's
gallery - HERE -

16 Totally Unique Websites

I don't know what to say about this post. Try and then try the - REST -

Christmas in Figures

- HERE'S - an article from the Daily Telegraph about
what Santa has to do on Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Calculator

- THIS - is fun. Just enter your birthday and click
submit. Lots of information !

Light up the Christmas Tree

A neat little flash game which is not as easy as it
looks - HERE -

The T.V. Show

Awesome animated Japanese montage - HERE -